Car Removals Melbourne

Car Removals Melbourne

Melbourne’s top car removal offer cash all your old, used, damaged, junk or unwanted cars from anywhere in the city. Get instant cash with our remarkable free car removal service. Our widespread network of salvage yards across the city allows us to access every suburb.


Contact our friendly customer support at any given time. Leave all the necessary car details with one of our representatives or email it to us. You can also fill a quick form online. We immediately get back to you with our evaluation and suggest a quote. Upon your approval we offer same day removal from anywhere in Melbourne.

We happen to be one of the best junk car removals in the city. You can earn cash for all your old, wrecked or junk cars right on the spot. Every car, no matter how badly damaged it is, still has a lot of value. We intend to pay you its full worth and tow it for its disposal. Even the dead and fully wrecked cars consist of tons of valuable material that needs proper recycling.

Car Dismantlers not just offer cash to remove all your unwanted cars for free on the same day. But offers pay instant as well. We buy cars to dispose the junk in the right manner and make use of whatever is good in a car. Most cars that we receive have plenty of reusable part. We let our clients know all about their car and how much is its exact worth.

Every part that can be reused is tested for its quality and later stocked in our yard. Our car dismantlers are very careful when disassembling a car. We salvage rest of the junk car later in one of our yards. After spending years in the junk car removal and wrecking business, we are one of the few that can be trusted with our extensive line of services.


Our team can be contacted at any given time for instant car removal from an accident scene. We remove all crashed, burned, accident-ridden and flood-damaged cars. We tow any car, even the ones that won’t move, to our yard without any hassle. Our certification allows us to remove all accidentals from the scene. Or if you have spotted a wrecked car stranded by the roadside at a remote site, our car removal team is just a phone call away.

Our super-efficient team of experts arrive at the location fully equipped for instant car removal. We have zero hidden charges. There is no additional fee for any our services. We offer cash to tow your unwanted car from any location free of cost. Or if you believe that your location is somehow inaccessible, let us know beforehand so we could make special arrangements.

Depending on the condition of your car, you can earn instant cash as big as $14,999. We remove all kinds of cars including, convertibles, SUVs, trucks, jeeps, UTEs, vans, buses, 4x4s, commercial vehicles and all vintage and luxury cars as well.

Even the cars that seem to have reached the point where they can’t be driven are particularly removed from your premise without any difficulty.


Among all other benefits, Car Dismantlers happen to have an entirely free towing service anywhere within Melbourne.

Whether your car is junk or old or rather new, we offer cash to remove it from your premise as long as you are sure you no longer need it.

There are a few things that you can do on your part to ensure a relatively hassle-free car removal experience. For example;

  1. Try and have the general idea of your car like its make and model. Also, the year you bought it and how much has it run since then. This helps us evaluate your car better and present an accurate price for it. Moreover, let us know about the overall condition that whether or not it is operable.
  2. Next, make sure to have the necessary documents handy when our team arrives. This includes your proof of identity and authorization to sell, and car’s authentication. However, our team takes full responsibility of the subsequent paperwork.
  3. In order to avoid any mishap or delay, make sure to give us your exact location. Also, let us know whether your premise can accommodate our tow trucks. We appreciate if you clear the path before our arrival. Or at the very least let us know of the exact situation so we make special arrangements in advance.
  4. As soon as you confirm a date for car removal, we expect you to have all your personal items removed from your car. In addition to that, you must remove your car’s license plate as well. Make sure you double check your car’s trunk as well.
  5. Lastly, and more importantly, if you’re selling your scrap or junk car for an upgrade, we strongly suggest you go for the instant cash offer. Although, we make all payments right on the spot. But we also give our clients an option to have their money transferred in bank. Let us know the mode that suits best your requirements and we will have it done your way.

Once you do your part and make sure that you have taken care of all the essentials, we guarantee the entire car removal service will be an absolutely worthwhile experience.

Our team of specialists is fully qualified when it comes to removal of an old, junk car. They have all the necessary knowledge of how to dispose off a junk car in the right manner. We bring each car to one of our yards and carefully dismantle them. We use everything that works good to refurbish other cars. And rest of the junk is discarded and recycled without any delay.